Robin Day 

Licensed Professional Counselor

Weight Loss

We make poor food choices and overeat because it feels good. “Junk food” triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine, the “happy” brain neurochemicals. An immediate decrease in anxiety and sadness follows ingesting sugar, flour, and other carbohydrates. Food can be as addicting as any drug.

Fad diets and quick weight loss are not sustainable because we inevitably return to old eating habits. Also, it simply takes time for the body to adjust to carrying less fat and not feeling starved. Long-term weight loss requires a permanent change in the way we eat.

There’s no single path to sustained weight loss. You might decide to work with a comprehensive eating plan, such as Weight Watchers. You might decide to master one change, such as eliminating sugary sodas, before adding on the next change goal. Changing your eating habits is about figuring out what works for YOU.

Perfectionism and negative self-speech sabotage any behavioral change. Saying to yourself, “I should be able to control myself,” just increases shame, which in turn increases the urge to overeat. Very few people are to able achieve their goals every day. It is critical to have self-compassion as you go through this process, looking for what works well for you and what can be learned from mistakes.

My Personal Experience

I was an overweight child, and my mother was addicted to sugar. By the time I was age 13, I carried 100 extra pounds. I often ate until I felt sick. I felt very ashamed of appearance and my overeating. Typical diets didn’t work because I always returned to my old eating habits. At age 35 I started my path toward health with Overeaters Anonymous and getting rid of “trigger foods” in my home.

I tried many avenues of behavioral change and found what works for me, which no longer includes OA. While my “set point” for weight is little above “normal,” I have maintained a significant weight loss for over 10 years. I feel much better about my body and feel good about what I put in it. I want to share with you what I’ve learned in my personal and professional journey.

GoalsFIRST for Women™

The GoalsFIRST for Women™ program empowers you to eliminate mindless eating, emotional eating and the usual consequence—overeating and weight gain. Strategies include:

GoalsFIRST for Women™ is available in individual or group format. This program is helpful for weight loss as well as other types of behavioral change.

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