Robin Day 

Licensed Professional Counselor

GoalsFIRST for Women™
Empowering YOU to make lifestyle changes!

• Eat healthy
• Quit alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana
• Get organized and avoid procrastinating
• Exercise regularly
• Be a more consistent parent
• Stop overspending and save money
• Moderate your drinking
• Change a pattern of damaging, but “exciting” relationships
• Stop co-dependent behaviors

Replacing harmful habits with healthy ones is not an easy process. As women we tend to blame ourselves harshly not being “perfect.” We also tend to use shaming self-speech in an attempt to control our own behaviors. You might experience thoughts such as, “I should be able to quit smoking. If I weren’t so weak, I could do it.” However, self-blame and self-shame are NOT effective strategies for helping you to achieve your goals. The GoalsFIRST for Women™ program was designed to teach the technology of behavioral change. Topics include:

• Clarifying your goals
• Understanding and advancing through the stages of change
• Increasing self-motivation
• How to identify and eliminate obstacles to change
• Finding and utilizing social supports
• Changing your environment and schedule to support better habits
• Coping with urges through distraction
• Coping with urges (including the urge to avoid!) through mindfulness
• How to identify and stop self-sabotage
• Finding other healthy ways to enjoy yourself

After you learn and practice these strategies with one goal, you can always use them for other goals later on. Success builds on itself!

If you are already addressing your desire for better habits with a 12-step program or any type of therapy, GoalsFIRST for Women™ can help you utilize these resources more effectively. The more ways that we “attack” a problem, the better results we get!

GoalsFIRST for Women™ is available in individual or group format.

I can work with you individually or in a group to help you achieve your goals. The advantage to individual appointments is that all of your time is spent on your specific goals and needs. The advantages of group participation are 1) increased emotional support, 2) learning from other group members, and 3) decreased cost.

What is the time commitment for a GoalsFIRST for Women™ group?

• Groups meet weekly for 75 to 90 minutes, depending on number of participants.
• One time through the behavior change curriculum is approximately 3 months. However, many participants stay longer because incorporating these strategies can be challenging.
• As long as you give a 2-week notice, you can “graduate” or stop the group at any time.

What goes on in a group?

In the first half of the group, we review homework from the previous week and members’ progress towards their own goals. Participants are invited (but not required) to report on homework and progress towards goals. We perform behavioral analyses when things have gone “wrong,” carefully avoiding shaming anyone. Group members are given lots of emotional support and encouragement.

In the second half of the group, I teach specific strategies for behavioral change and help participants apply these strategies for their own lives. Questions and members’ observations are encouraged. I give homework to support learning the strategies.

How large is a group?

There are between 2 and 9 women in a group. Group size changes as women enter and leave the group.

When and where are the groups?

Tuesdays in my Roswell location at 1pm-2:30pm (490 Sun Valley Dr. Suite 205 Roswell, GA 30076)

Starting Soon! Saturdays in my Atlanta/Buckhead location 1pm - 2:30pm (32 Lenox Pointe, Ste. B, Atlanta, GA 30324)

New groups are added as needed. Please call 404-636-7435 for up to date group availability.

What is the cost?

• The cost for your individual assessment is $110.
• After your individual assessment, individual appointments are $90.
• Groups cost is $35 per week. Because you are holding a space in the group, this cost is applied even if you miss a group meeting.
• At your second group meeting a $70 deposit is collected. This deposit pays for your last 2 weeks of group.
• To keep my costs as low as possible, I do not accept credit cards. Only cash and checks are accepted.

How do I get started?

1) Call me at 404-636-7435 for an individual assessment. During your assessment, I will help you to clarify your goal(s) and determine your immediate needs. Be sure to print and fill out the patient forms here for GoalsFIRST for Women™ and bring them to this first appointment.
2) After the individual assessment, you may set up further appointments or you may join a GoalsFIRST for Women™ group. Enrollment in a group is ongoing; there is no “start date.”
3) If you suffer from severe mental health symptoms, such as suicidal thoughts, you will be required to obtain or maintain individual therapy while in the GoalsFIRST for Women™ program.

Sample Program Worksheets

Invest in your future health and happiness by starting the GoalsFIRST for Women™ program NOW! Call me at 404-636-7435 or Contact me .